CityBus Lviv

Smartest app for monitoring public transport of Lviv city

People say: if you want something to be done good, do it yourself. App was developed having in mind existing similar apps, which always lack some functionality, and features they do have don't completely match your expectations.

As it often happens, it was not without a spoon of tar. The existing Lvivavtodor's programming interface (API) does not allow to enable many useful features, which exist in other CityBus applications. Due to the significant restrictions in API, number of simultaneously tracked routes is limited to four, there are no transport speed indicators, therefore, visualization of speed on the transport markers for Lviv is not applicable. There is also no smart view mode, which allows you to view all transport when reaching a certain scale of the map. Lvivavtodor promised an updated system at the beginning of the year, but they can not even indicate when it will work.

Routes search

Do you remember all the routes that go through your city? Even if the answer to this question is "yes," there may always be changes that you will not know. CityBus has a route search function - you only need to select two points (or start typing an address and choose from the suggested prompts). The application will show all routes with stops near selected locations (if there are less than two direct routes, variants with a transfer will also be offered).


Real-time animated transition

Location of a vehicle is not transmitted continuously, but only a few times per minute. But this does not mean that moving the marker on the screen should only be a jump. In most cases, the information about the coordinates, speed and direction of movement is sufficient to predict with high probability the location of the real-time transport. Movement on a map is animated, practically without jumps.


Traffic optimization

It's impossible to show current location of vehicles without data transmission. But as for the rest - such as information about routes, route paths, stops, search - it's not only possible, it should be accessible without using network. It's exactly how it is implemented in CityBus - all useful info is already inside this app, and doesn't need to be loaded separately, maybe just periodically updated, which can be done at convenient time. 



CityBus provides the ability to store selected route lists and apply them in just a couple of taps. You can save not only routes sets, but also "smart stops", that is, stops, which can be used to know the time of arrival of transport that runs through them.


Single vehicle tracking

This is a mode in which the center of the map is fixed in the actual position of the selected vehicle. Each time app receives transport location data, the map center moves to the last actual value of the position of the selected vehicle.


Color routes identification

Distinguishing routes is quite easy, 'cause every selected route is determined not only by its number, but although a color of its marker.


Actual information

CityBus process received data to inform you about the current information.